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Superior Wormwood 900g


"As an aid to expel worms and other unwanted parasites"

Wormwood can help to expel worms. Supporting tonic for the whole digestive system as a 'tea' with the addition of honey. Do not use internally for longer than three days. Useful as a wash to help with bacteria or fungal skin conditions. 

DOSE: 15g of cut herb made into a brew with 3/4 litre boiling water together with a dessertspoon of honey. 

Give 140ml per day for a maximum of 3 days, repeat every 3 months. 

The brew can be externally used as a wash for infestations such as lice, or for bacterial and fungal skin conditions. 

Do not feed to mares in foal

Wormwood should not be used as a replacement for chemical wormers. NaturaHorse recommend using a worm count programme and worming according to results. Wormwood can be supplied to support your worming programme. 



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