Zoom Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder



Turmeric Powder

3.5% curcumin content

High quality human food grade!

Food grade, pure powdered root for maximum medical benifit,

no fillers or additives in our products.

This batch of turmeric has 3.5% curcumin content.

This probably isnt the cheapest turmeric on Ebay , but it is top quality,

no fillers and has good curcumin content.

Be aware that a lot of cheap turmeric is a by-product as the curcumin is extracted for 

other health supplements and products!!



use with 10-20ml of cold pressed olive oil /coconut oil /linseed oil or micronised linseed...

 (available in our other listings)

...and roughly 8-10 twists of fresh black pepper from a mill.

introduce gradually and build up to around 20-30g per day.

very large horses may need up to 50g per day.

 Nutritionally supports joints, respiratory system, normal gastro-intestinal functions has also been shown to have 

great effects with assisting the removal of sarcoids!

Facebook User - I started at 15g scoop once a day and over the period of a month built up to 100g a day for another month and incredible as it sounds her sarcoid which was the size of a conker has disappeared completely you cant even feel where it was 

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