Lily's Kitchen Little Liver Reward Treats for Dogs

Lily's Kitchen

Lily's Kitchen Little Liver Reward Treats for Dogs

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Lily's Kitchen The Truly Naturals Little Liver Rewards for Dogs.

We know that dogs are very special and seem to have a truly natural instinct to know what we are thinking and feeling. Our Truly Natural Treats are our way of saying thank you - just pure and natural little treats with nothing added.

These Little Liver Rewards are chewy pieces of fresh British Oxen liver, naturally air dried for maximum nutrition. They'll help keep your dog in tip top condition and they're bursting with meaty flavour too. Just pop a packet in your pocket and snap off bite sized pieces at training time for a fully focused hound!

Now in brand new packaging and a multibuy of 12 packs rather than 8, so you can stock up on these moreish treats for longer. 

Suitable for adult & senior dogs and puppies 4 months+.

Made in the UK.

This is a complementary treat for dogs.